About Homage South Africa

24th May 2021 2 By Homage Admin

Homage is an upmarket furniture brand from Turkey, well known for its quality, details, and value.


When We Started

Since it was established in 2009, with over 200 staff members including designers, Homage has rooted in France, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Israel, Iraq, Cyprus, Lebanon, Georgia, India, South Korea, and has now officially landed in South Africa.  Imagine how it is incredibly popular in so many countries, especially because some of them are famous for their craftsmanship, which we can easily tell the Homage brand has won them from certain points of view.


We Specialize In

Homage specializes in solid wood, genuine leather, exclusive durable fabric, and marble combination furniture, which are manufactured by the highest quality material.  All the products designed by our team are inspired by the best designs in the world, and we continue on this path of greatness. We have amazing marble, ceramic, metal, and glass details in our products. Our sofas have adjustable features, mechanisms, and music systems.


It is a huge honour to be told by our clients that the beauty of our products looks better in the flesh than in the pictures.


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